let’s ensure antibiotics continue to save millions of lives.

A new paradigm for infectious disease

Antibiotic Resistance Threatens Everyone. Antibiotic resistance has the potential to affect people at any stage of life, as well as the healthcare, veterinary, and agriculture industries, making it one of the world’s most urgent public health problems. Each year in the U.S., at least 2 million people are infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and at least 23,000 people die as a result.

CDC, About Antimicrobial Resistance

With few new antibiotics being developed, we must adapt and make smarter use of the effective antibiotics we have left. To do so requires shifting from the current paradigm of one disease - one drug, to a precision medicine paradigm for infectious disease. Testing each infection to determine, at a molecular level, which antibiotic will be most effective.

Shield is driving the necessary paradigm shift to targeted precision therapy through the development of rapid and accurate molecular antibiotic susceptibility testing for those infections which pose the greatest threat of acquiring total antibiotic resistance.

The emergence of Super Bugs

The overuse and misuse of antibiotics is driving the emergence of resistance at an alarming rate.

The Infectious Disease Society of America estimates that 162,044 deaths per year are attributable to resistant infections.

Shield's technology

Shield has developed the Target-X platform, a solution to microbial detection, species identification and antibiotic susceptibility prediction with blazing speed and accuracy. This technology will enable identification of the infectious agent and genes associated with susceptibility to antibiotics fast enough to replace the need for culture and enhance accuracy and sensitivity to enable better patient treatment from the start.

Our first flagship product Target-NG identifies sensitivity of N. gonorrhoeae infection to ciprofloxacin - READ MORE

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